Dawn of Dukes comes in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition


A new dawn is coming! Dawn of the Dukes, the second expansion for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition available now on Microsoft Store and Steam!

Challenge your friends with two additional civilizations, as well as new units and technologies. Blast your way through Central and Eastern Europe in three new campaigns, crushing your opponents with sheer military power and economic performance or highly disciplined and technologically innovative armies!

3 new, fully voiced campaigns

Algirdas and Kestutis “In the face of an impending invasion of greedy Teutonic knights, the small principality of Lithuania is on the brink of disaster. Divided and deprived of wise leadership, the last pagans of Europe seem doomed, but Prince Algirdas and his loyal brother Kestutis refuse to obey the marauders. Will they be able to repulse the crusaders, and then fight the grandchildren of Genghis Khan – the formidable horsemen of the Golden Horde? In this campaign you will play as Lithuanians.

Jadwiga – Sent from her mother and forcibly separated from her beloved young man, Jadwiga ascended the Polish throne as a child. In a never-ending war, she must build the future of her kingdom against the will of formidable leaders like Jagaila and Vytautas the Great. Could the beloved Star of the Poles conjure up her vision of a powerful unified Poland and Lithuania, or will the incessant maelstrom of war plunge both kingdoms into ruins again? In this campaign you will play as the Poles.

Jan Zizka – One-eyed Jan ižka spent his youth as a mercenary, fighting for honor and a coin, but his fate was forever changed when he heard the sermons of the reformer Jan Hus in Prague. As a defender of the Hussite cause and leader of their invincible armies, ižka shattered existing notions of war with technological and tactical innovations. Strengthen the legacy of one of history’s greatest generals by transforming simple peasants into highly disciplined troops and leading them to victory over the knightly armies of the Holy Roman Emperor. In this campaign, you will play as the Bohemians.

2 new civilizations

Poles – Poles are a cavalry civilization. While their western neighbors used deadly companies of heavily armored cavalry, the Poles used their forces to further develop in the direction of what modern eyes might classify as medium cavalry. While they did not always manage to defeat their rivals on an individual basis, they emphasized agility, organization, and sheer quantity at a time when war was moving away from the typical medieval model.

The Polish unique unit is Obuch, a brutal infantryman whose war hammer rips apart enemy units’ armor. Obuchs are best used against expensive, heavily armored units that could otherwise pose a deadly threat to the rest of your army.

The Poles also share a regional unit with the Lithuanians, their partners in their late medieval community. This unit, the Winged Hussar, is a powerful light cavalry upgrade and replaces the hussar upgrade found in many other civilizations.

In addition, the Poles have a unique building called Volwark, which replaces the mill and increases the efficiency of nearby farms.

Finally, the Poles have two unique technologies: Szlachta Privileges and Lechitic Legacy. Both of them provide a powerful reinforcement to their cavalry unit composition.


Bohemia – Bohemia is a gunpowder and monastic civilization. Threatened both militarily and ideologically from almost all sides, the bohemians responded with revolutionary innovations in both areas. New weaponry, combat tactics, and defensive strategies overwhelmed the numerous feudal and professional armies of their invading rivals, while scientific reflection and discussion sparked one of the earliest successful social revolutions in early modern European history. Bohemian armies made up for their lack of sheer brute strength with a supernatural ability to outsmart, outsmart, and confront their opponents.

The first unique Czech unit is the Hussite Wagon, the deadly predecessor of the modern tank. Hussite Wagons have strong firepower and are exceptional at defending the units behind them.

The second unique Bohemian unit is the Houfnice, a powerful enhancement to the Bombard Cannon. Khufnis know how to smash the enemy’s fortifications and formations to shreds.

Bohemia has two unique technologies: Wagenburg tactics and Hussite reforms. The former increases its list of gunpowder units, while the latter improves its monks and monasteries.

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