Date-Em-Up RPG MAGLAM LORD Heads West Early Next Year

PQube is part of a group of publishers that continually localize and ship Japanese publications to the West, the latest being MAGLAM LORD, who arrived in Japan in the spring. He debuts in North America and Europe. 4 february

It’s a fantasy RPG that features hacker fights with some pretty cute characters, but combines elements of a dating simulator. Below is part of the promotional message that also confirms that there will be DLC variants associated with other popular franchises.

  • Take on the role of Demon Lord As your body becomes a mythical weapon to restore your former strength
  • Gameplay that challenges genres with dynamic and intuitive real-time hack-and-slash combat
  • Craft and customize weapons forging unique blades with a huge variety of special effects and decorations
  • Find your real soul mate by fighting alongside your allies and build relationships with dating sim elements
  • Choose the main character, man or woman, each with unique art and voice acting
  • 20+ DLC Packs with content from franchises such as Fairy tales from the series!

There’s also a pretty nice (and reasonably priced) limited edition; you can view Shop page on Funstock here

Image: Felistella / D3Publisher / PQube

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