DAEMON X MACHINA: Titanic Scion Announced, First Teaser Here

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Today during the Marvelous Game Showcase, the video game company surprised fans with the announcement of DAEMON X MACHINA: Titanic Scion.

Yes, he’s back with a “brand new record”. Also returning are First Studio and “visionary producer” Kenichiro Tsukuda. Here’s what we know about it so far, courtesy of the official PR:

DAEMON X MACHINA: Titanic Scion: Marvelous’ First Studio and visionary producer Kenichiro Tsukuda are back with a brand new entry in the third-person shooter series. Fans can look forward to the return of the unforgettable action game Arsenal, with more details on this long-awaited sequel coming soon.

As mentioned, more details will be revealed “at a later date”, including the platforms the game will be available on and the launch window. You can catch the announcement at the end of the broadcast (around the 28th minute):

The first Daemon X Machina game was originally released exclusively for Switch in 2019, followed by a PC release in 2020. It has been supported by all sorts of content updates over the years, including cross-save features.

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