Dad made the RX-78 Gundamn with incredible paintwork

The son gives Daddy Gundam a model and is surprised at the finished result.

Modern Gundam designs are better than boring old ties.
Image: Tokyoboy070I / Twitter

Tokyo resident and Twitter user Tokyoboy0701 presented my father with a Master Grade 3.0 RX-78-2 Gundam model kit. In June of this year, he tweeted a photo of the said packaged and unfinished model, writing, “I’m giving this for Father’s Day.” Dad is ready in a few months.

Dad, who is in his fifties, sent his son photos of the finished kit, and god, that’s great. Unsurprisingly, this tweet went viral in Japan with over thirty thousand likes.

“At the time I gave it to him, he didn’t even have diagonal pliers. [for cutting the plastic]”So what the hell is this perfection …” Tokyoboy0701 tweeted, including pictures his dad sent in.

“I went out of my way,” the father wrote to his son in DM, adding that honestly it was pretty easy. Ha! It seems not easy at all.

Tokyoboy0701 was clearly surprised as these secret Gundam modeling skills seemed to spring up out of nowhere. Almost.

“He talked about how often he did them [Gundam models] in elementary school, but I have never seen at home, not once, ”he added. on twitter“And I thought that since then he probably hasn’t been producing anything.”

As for this kit, his father apparently watched YouTube videos for tips and tricks.

The paintwork inflicted as a result of combat damage gives the models more realism.

Painting is one of the most difficult parts of the Gundam’s finishing.
Image: Tokyoboy070I / Twitter

The resulting model is truly impressive. But it’s not just shining eyes. They are very cool, but the fact is that dad drew anime in the style of combat damage. Anime coloring pages have become popular in the past few years. Kotaku reporting them already in 2014… The coloring here hints at it, but with harsh realism. I think Dad did a fantastic job.

And no matter what he said, it was not easy! Especially if the last time you really got into building Gundam models was forty years ago.

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Tweets and images used with permission.

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