Crypto Pokémon Clone currency dropped to a penny

The creatures of Axie Infinity are on the run during the collapse of the cryptocurrency.

Image: Sky Mavis

Cryptocurrency markets have bottomed out and nothing is safe, not even the potions the critters use to breed in Pokemoncollectible style Axi Infinity. The Smooth Love Potions currency has been trending lower for some time now as players flood the market with it. However, for the first time in its history, it costs less than a penny, even when rounded up.

Axi InfinityThe currency of the SLP (Smooth Love Potion) utility has been reset! (approximately)” – Game Developer Lars Doucet. wrote on Thursday. “Now it’s down to $0.004, rounding down to the nearest cent gives $0.00.”

In case you haven’t heard Axi Infinity He is speculated to be one of the personifications of future crypto-backed NFT games and play to earn (P2E). Players trade, fight, and breed virtual creatures called Axes. The last part of this process requires the SLP currency, which players earn by playing the game. However, the value of SLP is declining as players earn more and more without “burning” it by spending. A year ago, the value of SLP peaked at $0.35 and it has been on a downward trend ever since.

Long-term price reduction Axi InfinityThe Smooth Love Potion token illustrates the difficulty of games where you have to earn money. As Axios posted last month“Players need more than a way to earn some random token, a token needs a mechanic that allows it to store value.”

The graph shows the drop in the value of Axie Infinity tokens over the past year.

Developers Axi Infinity tried to solve this by removing SLP farming from the game’s single-player adventure mode and, most recently, allowing players to “burn” SLP. when participating in tournaments for the best prize pool. But so far none of them has been able to overcome other setbacks, as in Axi Infinity and a larger crypto version.

The blockchain on which the game is located has been damaged over $600 million heist in March, which undermined confidence in the game currency. Players continue to argue whether to wait for a recovery or abandon the pay-to-play scheme. Axie Infinity Shards, another gaming-related crypto token, has fallen below $20 after peaking at over $150 last year.

It keeps track of the overall creation of other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Luna. The fall of the latter was especially dramatic. It cost over $80 at the beginning of the month. Today it approached $0.01. Some have blamed the fall of the moon on an “attack” in the form of sudden large seizures. Others have called it the inevitable result of the carpet being pulled out from under the Ponzi scheme. Either way, the results were devastating for those who said they had staked their holdings on the future of the token.

AT Axi Infinity, however, the developers continue to move forward without stopping. Yesterday they released a mobile spin-off on android is called Axi Infinity: Origins. “Axi Infinity now more accessible than ever!” they announced.

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