Critically acclaimed ‘Inscryption’ rated for Switch

Image: Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital Recording apparently moving towards Switch after appearing at the ratings firm PEGI website. Developer Daniel Mullins’ favorite indie roguelike hit many GOTY 2021 lists with its PC release last October, and it looks like we’ll be enjoying its unique oddity on a Nintendo console soon.

As indicated by the formidable pointer-out-of-things Vario64the game appeared on the list with an (inaccurate) release date of October 1, 2022, sitting just below the PS4 and PS5 versions released back in August.

PEGI rating
Image: PEGI

In fact, the dates of the PlayStation versions are also incorrect – the game was released on August 30 on those platforms that power make you think we’ll see Inscryption on Switch before the end of the month. Regardless, the critically acclaimed game seems to be tethered to the Switch, and we’re thrilled to have placed it on our list of games we’d like to see on a Nintendo console at the start of the year. Another one has fallen to the ground!

The Steam version boasts a very impressive 71,335 reviews at the time of writing, as well as the coveted “Extremely positive” rating too. If you need a reminder of the game and its mind-blowing shenanigans, check out the original trailer for the PC version under this description on the Steam page:

Inscryption is an inky-black card odyssey that combines a roguelike deck, quest room-style puzzles, and psychological horror in a gory cocktail. Even darker are the secrets inscribed on the cards…

Glad to see this coming to Switch? Played it elsewhere? Let us know at the usual place.

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