Cozy Grove Free Fall Update Adds Pet Cats, Interior Design, and Photo Mode

Earlier this year, Cozy Grove brought Animal Crossing-like utility to Nintendo Switch, but we were a little disappointed – the game lacked the vitality and content that keeps you coming back day after day. It looks like this should change with developer Spry Fox’s new fall update, which adds a ton of quality of life improvements that might just encourage us to return to the game.

Interior decoration

The biggest one, at least for us, is that you really can go to your house now… “We know that you have all wanted to go to your tent for a long time,” the message says. Spry Fox’s Blog, “but some serious technical hurdles prevented us from supporting this feature … until now!” Now you can decorate the interior, which means that you can use all those decor items for which you did not have a place, as well as “many new decorations” made especially for the tent.

As with Animal Crossing, you will also have more rooms the more times you upgrade your tent, although the exterior of the tent will not reflect the interior size.

New animals

Apparently this is a cat and not a dog
Apparently this is a cat and not a dog

And what does a cozy home with new furniture need? HOME HOUSE TO DILUTE IT ALL. You will have the opportunity to adopt cats, and by “adoption” we mean “lure into your house and treat him until he likes you,” but in any case, that’s basically what owning a cat means.

A new spirit animal is also heading to the Grove: Ghost Rabbits, which now exist alongside ghost birds and deer. You can create your own if you spend time with Lee Berry.

Fast cleaning

If you’ve found the harvesting and harvesting mechanics a little tedious, you’ll be pleased to know that they’ve changed a bit. The new accordion tool instantly collects all items within a specific radius, making collecting all your fruits and flowers much faster!

The photo

Photo Mode

Photo mode! You will need a camera, of course, but then you can just click as much as you like. It’s not like photo mode, in which you can move the point of view – it’s more of a normal camera function.


There’s no specific information on what Halloween stuff will be in Cozy Grove … it’s just coming soon.

Other updates

  • New background music
  • Improved stone skipping
  • Error correction
  • “Various improvements”

The last major update to Cozy Grove was the Summer Update, which added bug traps, hugs, treasure maps, and tons of new items and NPCs.

The fall update is free for everyone who owns the game.

Did you fall from Cozy Grove, or did you play it every day as it should be? Let us know in the comments!

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