Corsair apologizes after rep calls review comments ‘nonsense’

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Corsair issued a public apology after it was discovered last week that an “employee” named sections of reviews of the latest RTX 4090 graphics card made by both parties. Gamers Nexus as well as Guru3D– “complete nonsense.”

The drama originated last week when the hugely popular hardware channel Gamers Nexus published a review (and some tests) NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Founders Edition. In this video they say that connecting only three of the card’s four cables (in case your PSU only has room for three 8-pin connectors for whatever reason) will give you 100% performance, and that just connecting all four will you are allowed to overclock the card. Guru3D review is about the same..

Shortly thereafter, Discord comments left by a Corsair employee went viral. They called both Gamers Nexus as well as Guru3D claims “complete nonsense” and “misinformation” and also says that both users and the “press” were “baffled” by the card’s power and overclocking claims. Full comments shared Gamers Nexusread:

QUESTION: Has anyone else seen the misinformation about touch contacts and 600w magical unlock from anyone other than GamersNexus and Guru3D, or is it just those two sites? I need to send Nvidia a couple of links showing them how confused the users… and the press… are about their smart probes.

Complete nonsense and they don’t even understand it. Yes. The adapter has two test leads. Yes. The card only works with one sensor wire connected. That’s because it’s a 450W card. It’s not because it can be “unlocked” with a second sensor wire.

The map just doesn’t know. It’s not reasonable in that sense. It’s only looking for one touch contact.

In the next video, Gamers Nexus responds to these “crazy” statements:

EVGA Gone at the Right Time: An In-Depth Analysis of the NVIDIA RTX 4090 Founders (Schlieren, 12-Pin Header, and Pressure)

While the employee’s comments weren’t exactly professional, a company representative talking shit privately about members of the media is nothing new, we’re all willing to bet. What caused Corsair to publicly drop it is the fact that…Gamers Nexus as well as Guru3D were right. To some extent, their claims only apply to Nvidia’s own 4090 cables and not third party cables like ASUS or Corsair, which may explain the confusion here, but technically correct remains correct.

Corsair’s prompting to issue a formal apology on the company’s social media, which goes so far as to refer to an employee’s comments as an “outburst”:

We have learned that a Corsair employee recently made inflammatory and misleading comments regarding the Gamers Nexus andand Guru3D’s understanding of the Nvidia RTX 4090 power connector.

These comments do not represent Corsair as a company, and we regret both the form and the content of the individual outburst.

We have worked with Gamers Nexus and Guru3D for many years and appreciate their professional behavior and technical capabilities.

We unequivocally apologize for our employee’s inappropriate behavior and will take internal steps to remind our team of the high standards we hold for them when interacting with the media and end users.

From my side, Gamers Nexus accepted the apology and are ready to “move forward”:

Bye Guru3D EIC Gilbert Hagedorn He speaks “Guys, this is the internet; everyone has an opinion. He was wrong, he apologizes for it, and for me this is the end of this story.

I find it very funny that these companies keep shooting at Gamers Nexus when their videos continue to be absolutely accurate! If you’re more tech-savvy and want a more detailed explanation of what exactly led to all of this – it’s really a small detail in a grander scheme of things –the best exposition i found is here.

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