Cops Literally Steamroll Computers Crypto-Mining


Earlier this year, Malaysian authorities carried out a mass raid around Miri airport, where it was suspected that crypto-mining workers had stolen electricity from the grid. Six men were eventually charged, and to celebrate, Malaysian cops took all their rigs off he crushed them publicly.

As well as Dayak Daily report, six raids in all were carried out between February and April after a local electricity company noticed some strangeness, and a total of 1069 computers were seized.

Eight men have been arrested, six of whom have been charged, and all face fines and up to eight months in prison. Not for crypto-mining, which itself is not against the law, but to steal the electricity needed to power its operations.

The incursions came as local police tried to retaliate against the crypto-linked electricity theft, not only for the act itself, but also for the dangers involved, which three houses in the area have already caught fire in. the 2021 thanks to the bad ways miners have added. its operations up to the mains.

Anyway, that’s the whole point! We’re all here for the video of the cops, with those 1069 computers well taken, taking a literal roller coaster for them in a very public statement of … something.


Yes, I know that these computers could be recycled or put to better use. Yeah, I know this is a small, public show of ding-swinging police. Yes, I know it will take them all day to do this at the pace they are going. But none of that makes this video less enjoyable.

I know this isn’t strictly Video Game Content, but I’ve been pretty tormented lately by crypto-related scams, from boxes of useless loot to artists who are employed as front by currency grifters, which I enjoy in this regardless.


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