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Maybe you feel FOMO because of the skip Hogwarts legacy. Or you have already bought the game and now you cannot look a transgender person in the eye. Maybe you’re just a goth gamer who likes magic-themed games. I have an kit for you.

Trans Witches – Witches is a collection of magic-themed games, magazines and music from the creators of LGBTQ. For the same amount of money that you could spend on Hogwarts legacyyou can buy 69 things (heh) made by independent queer artists.

JK Rowling owns Harry Potter IP caused Heritagelaunch to become battlefield above do transgender people deserve human rights. And this is just one of the reasons why many people do not want to buy the game. Gaming website Kritiqal (which curated the package) cites their issues with transphobia from Harry Pottergame author anti-Semitism in the casting of money-obsessed goblins (usually seen as jewish racial cartoon) as its villains, and right-wing views from Heritageformer lead designer.

Instead of the money going to one transphobic millionaire, the proceeds from this package will be divided equally among all participants. So your purchase will probably go towards paying for normal things like rent and food, rather than trips to anti-transgender protest rallies.

24 of these games are digital and 41 are physical board games. Focus lets you skateboard like a charming witch. Tarot: Quest for Theo is a pixel art JRPG where you collect tarot cards. Casting Heart this is a witchy dating sim about anxiety. The kit even includes You are a wizardmagical platform game developed by the lead developer critically famous Extreme Meat Punks Forever.

If you can’t afford the $60 price, there is alternative package available for $10. At the time of writing, the package has raised nearly $5,000.

Trans Witches Are Witches will be available until February 24th.

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