COD Warzone Twitch streamer banned for ‘supersexual’ posts

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Screenshot: Activision

Activision Blizzarda publisher under government investigation related to sexual harassment at the company allegedly stopped Call of Duty personality from leading her own team in a tournament run by her own organization. Cause? She claims the publisher didn’t like her “overly sexual tweets”.

Kaley Reney is a member of FaZe Clan, a popular gaming group known for its various esports teams. In the last year alone, the number of its views has increased by a colossal amount. 200 percentan uplift that goes well with the honor of victory Game Hers award in the category “Best Esports Streamer of the Year” on Twitch. She recently tweeted:

“I wasn’t allowed to captain our own faze tournament because Activision literally didn’t like my **over-sexy tweets**,” Renee wrote in a recently deleted tweet last night. “And yet… the same company has pfp creators [sic] ass like their avi on the company twitter.”

The tweets accusing Activision of some sort of interference and ban are not specific, and Renay did not respond to a request for comment.

Our best guess tells us it’s probably December. Pacific pursuit. Faze Clan and ATL FaZe organizers (FaZe’s Call of Duty team), the event was attended by 20 best teams from the qualifying fight for a $100,000 prize pool. But no matter what the tournament was, given Renée’s accomplishments and undeniable prowess in the game, one would think she would be a good fit to lead the team, especially if her own group is hosting the event.

But since it’s about money and FaZe is a legitimate organization, it’s likely they’ll have to play by the rules. This means that Activision signs everything. Activision official code of conduct for players is replete with legal terms that effectively give the publisher all the power, requiring, among other vague requirements, that players meet “the highest standards of personal integrity and good sportsmanship…as defined by the administration.” In other words, the contents of the player’s social networks can really affect your position in the company.

Renee occasionally swerves into PG-13 or R-rated territory. Look at her social media feeds and you’ll see everything from the occasional lewd phrase to, in one case, a photo of what appears to be a human-sized sex toy. On the other hand, you have a professional game studio. literally posting ass.

This is René’s problem: hypocrisy. The Twitter page she links to is owned by Raven Software. Yes, the same one which organizes the creation of the first trade union among Activision Blizzard Studios, something like that. According to the newly altered profile images immortalized in the screenshots, an avatar appeared on the Twitter account on Thursday evening with a very fresh tattoo on his butt belonging to a member of the FaZe Clan team. Chris “Swagg” Lumberson.

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In January, Lumberson publicly stated that he would receive Raven Software’s “right cheek” ink if the studio brought back an update about the download. That studio made, and Lumberson kept his word. Official Call of Duty Twitter account retweeted photo (warning: PG-13). And last night, Raven’s official Twitter page seemed to briefly mention Lumberson’s tattoo as his avatar. (Screenshot can be seen here, courtesy of esports commentator Jake Luckey.) Since then, the photo has again become a key image of the studio’s logo. This whole charade raises questions about double standards, that men can get away with posting on social media that women can’t.

“This has nothing to do with FaZe (it was just a tournament and Acti actually accepts and rejects captains)” – Rene. wrote. In subsequent tweets, she confirmed the support she received from FaZe and clarified that she bears no malice towards Lumberson.

“Kalei is unconditionally on her own and we love that about her,” said a FaZe Clan spokesperson. Kotaku in a statement. “Others often find her tweets inappropriate, but obviously since she is a member of FaZe, we support her and will never stop her from doing anything that any of our other members can do.”

Activision Blizzard declined to comment.

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