Co-op shooter RICO London available today for Xbox

New Year’s Eve 1999. All of London is getting ready to face the new millennium, or perhaps clear its bank accounts in fear of the year 2000, but the Metropolitan Police are busy with other things. In London’s East End, a local gang has quietly amassed a formidable arsenal of weapons and is now preparing to storm one of the capital’s most elite skyscrapers. Can you and your partner destroy them before it’s too late?

RICO London inspired by our love of action movies – you can’t help but notice the similarities to our beloved Christmas classics – and we wanted to recreate the same atmosphere in the game. Like its predecessor, RICO, you and your partner kick down doors, assess the situation like consummate professionals, and put down the bad guys. There is a slow motion moment that allows players to jump across targets and lends a cinematic quality to the action. The cel-shaded art style works in conjunction with the effects to create the feeling of being in an action movie.

To enhance the feel of the movie about partner cops, we designed it to be played together, but of course you can also play solo in your own style. The levels are randomly generated so you will never be in the same battle twice. This alleviates the tedium of replaying levels where you already know every room and every enemy’s likely position.

Hidden among crates of Ronson’s latest purchases from Eastern European friends are a couple of weapon prototypes. They are Xbox exclusive and can be found when players go up the building via the normal upgrade path. Like other weapons in the game, each weapon has a number of variants with unique names and skins. The Silex-9, with its built-in silencer and hand-tuned balance, is an excellent sidearm, while tThe ACR assault rifle, the latest experimental model imported from a secret weapons factory, combines high-capacity magazines with an incredible rate of fire.

We’re also excited to include an exclusive game mode on the Xbox version of the game. RICO London in which players can test themselves in a series of hand-crafted challenges. Building on the score-attack gaming mentality, Challenge Mode offers a whole new way to play. Rico Londoneither alone or in co-op, where they receive a star rating based on their performance in a challenge against various additional sub-targets selected from a list of potential criteria such as surviving a set time period, killing only with headshots, useless syringes, and more .

We sincerely hope you enjoy playing RICO London how much we enjoyed creating it. Yippie Ki-yay, friends!

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RICO London is an explosive co-op shooter with big names and gang warfare. Fight your way to the high tower with East End gangsters alone or with a partner. Break through doors, dodge bullets and turn the weapons of the fallen into your personal arsenal. Do your best to reach the top. London, New Year’s Eve 1999. While everyone is getting ready for the party, the Metropolitan Police are working overtime. Detective Inspector Redfern finds himself at the site of a nascent arms trade at the foot of a high-rise tower. Without permission from his superiors and without support, Redfern prepares to start the millennium with a bang. High growth, higher stakes. Climb a tower infested with dangerous gangs, taking on tougher thugs as you progress. The higher you climb, the higher the stakes. High caliber. The three 9mm magazines you brought with you will never get you through the first floor. Slash and modify your ever-expanding arsenal to suit the task at hand, defeating enemies along the way. Pros of work. Customize your gear with a series of perks and performance upgrades. Change your skills as the night unfolds. Double trouble. It wouldn’t be a fellow cop shooter without a partner by your side. Call for a rideshare, local or online. It’s up to you (and your partner) to take them all down the only way you can… kick down doors and shoot the bad guys! • Game in arcade style. • Play different game modes – Story (Easy), Classic (Medium), Hardcore (Difficult) or Daily Play. • Thrilling storyline with addictive gameplay • Co-op shooter with buddy cop, local or online • Defeat different types of enemies to collect new weapons and expand your arsenal • Rescue civilian hostages and get them to safety • Lots of collectible weapons, features and missions to find and unlock • Dynamic gameplay • Fight your way through multi-story towers. • Watch the chaos unfold in slow motion. • Graphic novel style cell shading.

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