Cloud looks amazing in a dress in these FF7 Remake PC mods

A screenshot from Final Fantasy VII Remake showing Cloud Strife wearing a dress during an episode of the Honeybee Tavern dancing with Andrea Rodea.

Till Final Fantasy VII remake includes an updated look at the original game infamous crossdressing scene, it is impossible to play Cloud in a dress throughout the entire game. Or at least not in an official way. Luckily, PC players who want Cloud to maintain their femininity have options such as this mod is for pc from Nexus Mods, giving our golden boy a flowy dress, gorgeous curls and a cute tiara. However, this isn’t the only mod available for the PC game port that gives Cloud some awesome options for women’s fashion, as evidenced by YouTuber Susie Hunter

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Hunter tweeted multiple images of Cloud in different dresses, including sexy red and black, princess pink and short blue. As you can imagine, the tweet exploded for all the right reasons and I’m in love.

You see, Cloud was already a handsome boy. His facial features, perfectly oval face and pointed jaw, as well as his amazing hair and adorable Mako eyes make him a sight to behold for sore eyes. Or any eyes, let’s be honest. But these mods – one of which is called Cosplay cloudwho dresses our mercenary as Bowsett or Bouette– turn him into a hot femboy.

As you can see, Cloud is incredibly hot in the images above. His makeup is great, his dresses are striking, and everything seems to go well with each other. People love how adorable Cloud looks in these outfits, and to be honest, I’m salivating at the way he looks. He’s amazing honey! I may be married, but I’m also bisexual, and I would completely give up my partner for Cloud, whether he’s real, dressed or not. (Please don’t tell my partner, she’s probably going to get mad. Hi, baby, I love you! Don’t leave me.)

We reached out to Susie Hunter for comment and will let you know if we get a response.

Cloud’s image in the dress has always been controversial since players first saw the original. Final Fantasy VIIthe scene of cross-dressing in 1997. While the in-game NPCs are never openly hostile to Cloud in the dress, some members of the community felt embarrassed to see their stoic hero in a feminine outfit, even if he was reluctant to wear it. While this could be taken as a “joke” directed against men who do not live up to strict gender expectations, I have always considered it progressive, a nod to the real world drag community and effeminate boys like me who are kind of like women’s clothing.

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So yeah, Cloud is hot. And he’s even cooler in a dress. Who knew? You know what’s not hot? This Sephiroth mod turns him into Ronald McDonald.… I’ll probably have nightmares about it, with “One-winged angel” playing in the background as Macrib descends into my mind.

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