Classic Doom can now be played via a new Twitter account

The Doom Marine from the original game, holding the Twitter logo in his hand, kills various creatures.

Image: id / Twitter / Kotaku

Are you bored sitting in some waiting room? May be, instead of just doing nothing, you want to play Rock? Well you can download fantastic mobile ports Rock or play on Switch. Or why not play Rock using Twitter with short commands and videos?

Tweet2Doom this is new Twitter bot which launched in September this year and which allows people to reproduce original game using a series of commands. These commands are broadcast to the bot and a video is sent to you showing what happened, then you can keep sending more commands and progress through the levels. A complete list of teams and how they work can be found in the pinned tweet from the account.

Almost like a turn-based game in the classic id shooter. (Which already exists too.)

Okay, this is far from the most elegant and useful port. Rock, but this is another step in the continuation of the path for humanity to do Rock you can play anything and everything that has ever been created.

And this shouldn’t be surprising you that someone has already installed a pretty quick completion time for the first, iconic level RockAccording to the bot, one user only used two tweets to beat E1M1 in 11 seconds or less than 500 frames of gameplay.

If you follow the account, you will not only receive tweets when people set new records or quickly overcome levels, but you will also be able to see random groups of people just fooling around. Tweet2Doom… Honestly, it’s much nicer to watch people spam nonsense and random commands to the bot in hopes of success. Instead of this Rock the grunt just looks drunk.

Tweet2Doom now joins the long and growing list of “Ways to Play Rock… »This list includes pregnancy test, unreleased indie consolee, cash registers and much more, a lot more

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