Clash of Clans Creators Reveal New Intellectual Property In Everdale World Building

The developer of mobile hits like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Supercell, unveiled Everdale today, a brand new IP for the company. Set in a serene fantasy realm, Everdale assigns its players to work together to build their villages. The cooperative mobile game aims to create an eminently social experience based on good times and relaxing adventures, rather than looting and fighting. While the game is in beta testing, the team is warning players that whatever they see is still under development and may change during development.

Supercell has also released an announcement trailer to give players an idea of ​​what to expect from their new project. The colorful world takes center stage, highlighting Everdale’s more lighthearted tone. The six-minute video also showcases a vision of the team behind some of the game’s features, such as village building, upgrade system, money making challenges, and community collaboration. To achieve the sense of community that is critical to Everdale’s idea, Supercell has developed a system that allows 10 players in a single game to watch each one progress as it evolves, which the team hopes will set Everdale apart from other similar building games. To find out more, watch the trailer below:

Everdale isn’t Supercell’s only iron on fire as the studio also announced three more new projects this year. Clash Quest, Clash Mini and Clash Heroes may be called Clash, but each has its own personality. Clash Quest, now in beta, is a turn-based strategy game that promises island hopping and big boss battles. Clash Mini, inspired by the board game, allows players to place pieces on a small battlefield to gain an advantage in fast-paced skirmishes. Meanwhile, Clash of Heroes allows players to take along the series’ recognizable characters with new top-down quests. You can find out more about each game and what to expect from it in this breakdown.

While these iterations of the Clash formula are welcome, it’s interesting to watch Supercell bring an all-new IP to their portfolio. It is not known when Everdale will receive an official launch, but as of today, the game is in beta testing in some regions.

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