City Builder “As Far As the Eye” is a nomadic roguelike version of “Civilization”

Developer Unexpected’s reflective nomadic take on the city-building genre, As Far As The Eye, launches today on Switch. Published by Goblinz Publishing, the game’s warm color palette and soothing music can lull you into a false sense of security as you need to build and maintain a mobile village while avoiding rising waters.

The game was released on mobile and PC via Steam and GOG back in 2020 and this release marks the debut of the game on consoles. Drawing inspiration from the Civilization series of games, you must help students reach the center of their world, called the Eye.

Goblinz games founder and manager Johann Werbrucht is proud to release the game, facilitating its adaptation for “many people with different play styles, with different elements available to customize the gameplay.”

You can take a look at the serene, beautiful world below to get an idea of ​​how city building works, as well as how cute your andromorphic Pupils are:

Each of your students can improve their skills with the in-game task system and upgrade system, and depending on how many students you reach the eye, you will get a different ending. The different tribes you encounter and the different endings bring a scam-like randomness to the game.

The publishers shared these details with us in their press release for As Far As The Eye:

Embark on a mystical journey as the wind guides the Apprentices to the Eye, the center of their world. Fortify the tribe’s mobile village by making turn-based decisions to improve their collective knowledge and skills through agriculture, crafts, scientific and mystical research. Avoid the rising waters and dire conditions that lie in wait on every unknown path, gathering enough resources to support the students before moving forward.

Discover fertile plains to collect resources such as wood, plants, and stone and deplete their materials before planning to build. Build sawmills and hunting lodges, taking into account the location of buildings in relation to water to avoid floods. Produce enough food to keep students full and full to complete tasks. Lead the tribe to a new stop with the planned intentions of getting to the Eye.

Travel to friendly neighboring villages and befriend other communities to invite them to join your nomadic paths. Chat with newfound allies to unlock opportunities to trade items, skills, traditions, and unheard-of legends. Travel with Taifu’s favorite companion, a caravan capable of carrying supplies on its back.

Never be afraid of being attacked when you stumble upon Sacred Sites. Pay tribute or suffer the consequences of treason and plunder of their resources. Decide which option is more inventive by collecting as many Apprentices as possible. Ensure the tribe’s survival on their arduous nomadic journey to earn rewards and uncover untold stories in a procedurally generated journey.

Customize your gameplay with a variety of modifiers including game length, stop size, resource creation and amount, and more during a risky expedition full of hard decisions and risky consequences.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you can pick up the game from the online store today for $24.99 / €20.99 / £18.89. Plus, if you own any of Goblinz Publishing’s other editions – Legend of Keepers, Banners of Ruin, or Defend the Rook – you’ll get 50% off this new edition!

You can also pre-order a physical copy of As Far As The Eye via at Red Art Games. The regular edition of the game costs €29.99or you can purchase a special edition including the vinyl soundtrack and a signed lithograph from French Twitch streamer ZeratoR for €79.99.

Let us know if you’ll be collecting As Far As The Eye in the comments!

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