‘Citizen Sleeper’ From Switch Developers Indie Gem ‘In Other Waters’ To Release In May

Publisher Fellow Traveler and developer Jump Over The Age (of In Other Waters fame) have announced that Citizen Sleeper is coming to Switch on May 5th.

Blending elements of a tabletop RPG into a sci-fi narrative adventure, the game puts you in control of the Sleeper, “a digitized human consciousness on the run from the corporation that owns the artificial body you inhabit.” You find yourself on a destroyed space station and must form relationships with other people on board in order to survive, elude The Man and start your life in space. Watch the trailer above for a better understanding of how the dice roll gameplay works.

The game will feature a soundtrack by Amos Roddy, who worked on In Other Waters and Kingdom Two Crowns, as well as character art by a comic book artist. Guillaume Singelin.

The game will cost $19.99 when it releases on May 5th. Let us know below if you’re interested in taking over the position of Sleeper when this game releases next month.

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