Circa Infinity, mind-blowing pie-chart platformer challenging yet enjoyable


  • Enter the world of an endless circle with many challenges
  • Enjoy hypnotic visuals – minimalist, unique and psychedelic graphic style.
  • Circa Infinity is an addictive platformer that will melt your mind!

Today we welcome all Xbox players to the crazy world of the endless circle! Circa Infinity, the most mind-blowing circular platformer you’ve ever played, created by Kenny Sun, is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X!

I am falling in love with Circa Infinity at first sight. In this game, I feel the same as with the first RedDeerGames product – Cyber ​​Protocol. I often repeat the same levels, but in the end I get immense satisfaction.

Difficult but useful

When we were working on Cyber ​​protocol, the team has worked hard to transform each of the 100 levels into a new original challenge, not only with different settings, but also with new traps with different mechanics that could be used in different ways. The plan was that every time you go through a stage, you will be involved in it just like the first time. And Kenny Sun did the same with Circa Infinity… The game is brutal at times for the player, but definitely not boring.

In this mesmerizing game, you will spin from the first second to the last. Crazy visuals and a stunning soundtrack add to the already intense gameplay. Near infinity looks like a live music video with energetic action and psychedelic graphics.

Hypnotic arcade action

How it works? In this insane world created in the mind of Kenny Sun, you will walk through a series of circular layers to get to the heart of each level. Dangerous monsters living in circles will try to catch you, so you’d better time your jumps carefully to get to the next level. As you get deeper into the game, the action gets faster and harder!

If you are looking for a truly hardcore experience then Circa Infinity would be the perfect choice! In addition, we recommend that you watch the trailer to make sure even more that this is the game you are looking for.

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Xbox live

Circa Infinity


USD 12.99

US $ 10.39

Get to the bottom of each level by sliding through a series of circular layers. Time your jumps carefully to avoid the creatures living in the circles and reach the next level. As you go deeper, the action gets faster and harder! Can you keep up? 50 stages of dizzying action with 5 bosses that will test your nerves are waiting for you. You can also test yourself in Speedrun mode. Hypnotic visuals and a stunning soundtrack add to the already intense gameplay. Think of Circa Infinity as a live music video with immersive action and psychedelic graphics!

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