Check out this awesome new art for Mario Strikers: Battle League

Image: Nintendo Life

After a period of silence regarding Mario Strikers: Battle League (probably to focus attention on Nintendo Switch Sports), it looks like Nintendo is finally looking to start landing on the hype for its next big release.

We’ve already seen the brand new intro video for the game (albeit in Japanese), and now Nintendo has shared some amazing new key images via Official site. We get a fantastic look at some of the main characters, but Humanthey look angry!

Check out the full gallery below:

What do you think of it? Hopefully we’ll see some more from the game ahead of its June 10, 2022 release. Don’t forget that if you pre-order from the My Nintendo Store in the UK, you can get a cozy looking scarf as a bonus!

Will you start the game with Mario Strikers: Battle League when will it release? Let us know in the comments below.

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