Charles Martinet on Voicing Gaming’s Most Iconic Character: “I Dream As Mario”

Image: Nintendo Life

With hundreds of games under its belt, more awards than we could ever hope to count, and an impressive performance as Nintendo’s main mascot, Super Mario has been a household name for decades. Undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry, Mario has been delighting fans young and old since the original Super Mario Bros. hit the scene, so it’s only fitting that the voice actor who brings him to life is full of love and passion for the role.

As is often the case in any of his interviews, this passion manifested itself once again in Charles Martinet’s last conversation with Retro Gamer… In a chat originally published in Issue 222 of Retro Gamer magazine, the actor talks about how he landed the legendary role, about his work on the Netflix documentary. Recordand much more. However, we were most impressed by his answer to the question about his preparation for the day in the studio:

“These characters are always there for me. I mean, I dream like Mario, fly over these lakes or over the ocean, in the moonlight, a little bit galactic. And sometimes I dream 2D. morning and I have a lousy day, I’m like {Vario growls}. These voices are just alive in me, as is {sings the opening jingle of Super Mario Bros} {Mario} Go! preparation [for Nintendo]… “

What about this studio time? Well, each of Martine’s 150+ performances as Mario seems to take very different forms:

“It all depends so much … because I recorded two weeks … actually, a week before the game was released, and I recorded three years before the game was released. And I wrote down an hour, and I wrote down 20 hours. So it really depends on the game and what comes next. I love Super Mario Odyssey, it was so much fun. {Ribbit} Characters change and change, you know. “

Martinet has previously stated that he hopes to voice Mario for as long as he can, and with the amount of energy he puts into the role, it’s almost impossible to argue otherwise.

You can read the full interview here

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