Caverns Of Mars is the latest Atari game to get a “recharged” treatment

Atari has announced Caverns of Mars Reloadedthe latest in a line of remastered classic games for the Nintendo Switch.

Launched on March 9, 2023, the game will feature single-player and two-player local co-op as you play through 30 unique missions set across three main “depths” of Mars. There will be many enemies and limited ammo, so you need to be able to dodge obstacles and fight your way through the rubble to ensure your survival.

The game will include a global leaderboard (like its Recharged brethren) as well as an original soundtrack from award-winning artist and composer Megan McDuffie. Here’s a look at the main features, courtesy of Atari:

– Completely destructible: environment in Caverns of Mars: Reload completely destructible – feel free to blow up any obstacle in your path, but be careful with fuel reserves. Each shot depletes fuel, but moving quickly grants time bonuses!
Arcade mode: Traverse the depths of Mars in three stages, strategically choosing upgrades and power-ups to make each playthrough unique.
Competition mode: Complete 30 small challenges in navigation, combat and other exciting scenarios.
Fun bonuses: Collect weapons that will change your strategy on the fly for tactical maneuvering. Carve a new path with a well-aimed railgun shot or let the shotgun blast speak for you.

Will you be making your way through Mars on March 9th? Let us know if you are considering purchasing Caverns of Mars Recharged by leaving a comment below!

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