Capcom will share news about Street Fighter 6 this summer

Update [Mon 21st Feb, 2022 09:45 GMT]: Capcom has stated that it will share news regarding Street Fighter 6 this summer after showing the first teaser trailer for the game.

We got Capcom Fighting Collection at least to last until then.

In related news, Mega Man Series producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya was also placed in charge of Street Fighter.

original story [Wed 24th Nov, 2021 15:00 GMT]: As Capcom winds down development Street Fighter Vshe has made serious hints that the next game in the series will be introduced in 2022. In their latest development update for the fifth game, Capcom concludes with the message, “We’ll be back with more news about the future of Street.” Fighter”.

Street Fighter V launched in 2016 and has remained exclusive to the PlayStation console ever since, although it has also been released for arcades and PC. Capcom is backing the game with regular seasonal updates and DLC characters, with the final character, Luke, coming November 29th.

However, it is believed that during all of this, Capcom has been hard at work on the sixth main installment of the long-running franchise, which would make a 2022 opening even more likely.

“For us, Street Fighter V was a project of ups and downs,” says director Takayuki Nakayama. “But thanks to our fans, we were able to achieve what we wanted to achieve. We, the development team, will use this experience as a springboard to move on to the next project.”

“We look forward to bringing you more information next year,” adds producer Shuhei Matsumoto.

Of course, the real question is whether the game will appear on Microsoft and Nintendo consoles, or whether it will become a PlayStation exclusive, as it did with Street Fighter V. Capcom has previously said that it made the fifth game a PS4 exclusive because Sony and Capcom “same vision for growth potential in fighting games.”

However, Street Fighter has a long and proud history on Nintendo systems. SNES Port street fighter 2 was arguably the game that made the series a domestic hit, and more recently Capcom backed the Switch with games like Ultra Street Fighter II as well as Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. Even Street Fighter IV appeared on the Nintendo system thanks to the 3DS port.

It’s highly likely that Capcom will want the next installment of Street Fighter to be a next-gen showcase, which could rule out the Switch version.

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