Capcom showcases new weapon skills for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Image: Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise is a great video game, but it will (hopefully) get even better on June 30th with the arrival of its “massive expansion” – Sunny dawn. The DLC will add a new location, actors, additional and reworked monsters, as well as some interesting gameplay tweaks and mechanics.

In the last category, we’ll have the new Silkbind and Switch Skills, techniques to help you take your hunting to the next level. New weapon moves are always a big deal for the more experienced players in the game, and some of them look pretty appetizing in execution.

Capcom has released several videos showing off the new tricks:

Sword and shield

switch ax

heavy bow

This scribe’s treasured insect glaive has yet to be unveiled, though in fact most hunts are spent on desperate leaps to avoid monster attacks. We all have our favorite playing styles, okay?

Let us know what you think in the comments and if you plan on trying out any of these tricks when Sunbreak launches on June 30th.

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