Capcom Celebrates 35 Years Of Street Fighter With New ‘Future Development’ Logo And Teaser

Image: Capcom

Capcom’s legendary Street Fighter series turns 35 in 2022, and the company has already begun celebrating by sharing a special new logo with fans.

The new design posted by Capcom on social media features a large “35th”, written in the iconic style of the original game. “Hail 35 years of epic combat, fireballs and legendary rivalry,” reads the caption.

As noted VGKhowever, a similar post posted on Japanese channels by Capcom goes even further. According to the VGC translation, the official Japanese Street Fighter Twitter account not only discusses the new logo, but also hints at the “future development” of the series.

“Street Fighter will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2022. We created a logo to celebrate 35 years with our supporters.

Please look forward to further development of the Street Fighter series. “

Of course, the last time a new Street Fighter game hit the Nintendo system was when the Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition was released for the Nintendo 3DS, but since then Switch has been a Street Fighter 30th Anniversary collection.

It’s unclear if a theoretical “Street Fighter VI” is in development or if there will be any future games released for Nintendo consoles, but we hope this is a “yes” for both.

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