Canceled the 90’s FMV game The American Hero returns for some reason

In the 90s Atari entertained FMV for PC and the Atari Jaguar, with a format called GameFilm promising interactive movies with uninterrupted scene transitions and choices that didn’t result in tight ends, but instead branched out into the story and influenced an endpoint. The first GameFilm, Caves of Fear, was completed but never released, while American Hero was filmed but never adapted into a game. The entire line was canceled, a victim of Jaguar’s commercial failure.

Ziggurat Interactive retrospective and developer Empty Clip Studios have revived the American Hero, re-establishing it and bringing back lead actor Timothy Bottoms for an additional voice. Bottoms, the star of The Last Picture Show who also played George Bush in That’s My Bush !, is joined by Daniel Roebuck of The Fugitive and Musetta Vander, who played Lady Elara in Dune 2000 and the substitute teacher who reveals a mantis- woman in that episode of Buffy.

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