Can we predict the other two stories in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

One of the details revealed in the latest Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trailer was that the game will have three main stories that could be played in any order. We were told about one of three: the story of the struggle through all the gyms to get to any game equivalent of the Pokemon League.

But what about the other two stories? The trailer implied that they would be about the same length or size, although we could just read too much. So what could they be? Let’s discuss!

Treasure Hunt

Pokemon Treasure Hunt

Well we don’t know what it is is, but the trailer promised us some kind of treasure hunt suggested by the director of the academy.

Our thoughts immediately turned to Diamond and Pearl’s Underground, but that’s almost certainly not the case – our money went to a real treasure hunt, framed in the theme of the past and future of Pokémon ScaVi, in which we discover historical artifacts. It’s not the first time Pokémon have encountered ruined civilizations either: Pokémon Gold and Silver had Alpha Ruins that were filled with Unknowns; Ruby and Sapphire had Regis, a Golem Pokémon found in a strange ruin in the desert.

But what is the treasure hunt for? What does he have to do with Pokémon? And how is it going to continue for as long as the regular Pokémon League story? We can only guess. Perhaps the treasure is long-lost Pokémon or fossils. Maybe it’s real shiny gold. Perhaps the treasure… is the friends we’ve made along the way.

Time travel

Pokemon Bicycles

We know that Scarlet and Violet have a lot of past/future themes, but what we don’t know is that means. Will we travel between them like in Pokémon Legends: Arceus? What if one of the stories connects the two in some way? We don’t really think time travel will be a part of the game because it’s basically like you’re in school, but it would be interesting to know why the game is so connected to the past and the future.

pokemon research

Research work

This is an easy guess. There’s always an element of Pokemon exploration in Pokemon games, whether it’s just “populating the Pokedex” or a deeper role as one of the Pokemon professors’ researchers.

We would invest in at least one of the game’s stories focusing on Pokémon exploration in the Paldea region, potentially with a focus on evolution, as past/future themes could influence exploration in interesting ways. Imagine having to do an archeological dig to figure out how Corydon evolved into Miraydon, or why a Poison Wooper is different from a normal Wooper, or, on the other hand, to speculate about how other Pokémon might evolve in the future. How cool will it be? Biology!!



This is the first Pokémon game that actually gave the protagonists a school to attend as children. Usually these ten-year-olds are left running around the country unsupervised, and the task of fending off the villains who want to, you know, kidnap, plunder and literally end the world is left to children who do not even know algebra. for now.

What if one of the stories is about a real school with all the school activities that usually take place in a school? Think of it as something like Harry Potter: adventures, quests and lessons that take place on the huge campus of the Paldea academies, somewhat similar to how the Pokémon Legends: Arceus research center worked as a center to return to and learn. .

It should be a little more exciting than “you’re in school” in our opinion, because the whole point of Pokemon games is to explore the wide world, but we can imagine there will be excursions to other cities and wild areas. And frankly, we’d love to know what it’s like to be at school in the Pokémon world…

Fight against evil

Mystery car
This car MUST belong to some villain, right?

Another recurring theme in Pokémon games is that there’s always an evil organization that you must thwart on your way to the Hall of Fame. They range from “super evil” to “actually, they have good sides”, but either way, it’s your job to smash them with your Pokémon team.

Team Rocket in every game is usually concerned with stealing Pokémon and waking up the legendary ones, but for now, the legendary boxes are… looks as if we would have access from the very beginning of the game. This means that the villains either don’t want the legendary or they want another legendary – and there were rumors that there were other legendary ones. Or the story could be completely different! We are only guessing!

It will be interesting to see how the stereotypical “evil team” interacts with the non-linear nature of the game – will it be possible to play this story in any order? Can you just jump straight to the boss, or will it be like the Yiga clan from Breath of the Wild where they just spawn everywhere?

Well, these are our ideas, but we are not Pokemon designers. If we had to guess (and get frustrated), we’d guess the other two stories are Pokemon exploration and fighting evil, which is just… a regular Pokemon game. But it seems like treasure hunting is an important part of the game, so we’re looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

What kind of stories would you like to see in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? Let us know about it in the comments!

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