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Hello hunters!

Fall is just around the corner and we are thrilled to finally welcome PlayStation fans to Rancho del Arroyo, a brand new wilderness preserve for the Hunter: Call of the Wild, an exciting hunting game. Inspired by Northern Mexico’s epic Sonoran Desert, this stunning sanctuary features five unique new animal species to hunt, harsh biomes to explore, and a gripping storyline that unravels an age-old family secret.

But whether you are a seasoned hunter ready to embark on a new adventure, or a newbie embarking on an endless wilderness for the first time, knowledge is power. Here are seven tips and tricks to take your hunting experience to the next level!

1. Use your environment

When you move through open areas of the desert, animals are more likely to notice you. Trees, rocks, and foliage are great hiding places, so use them to your advantage! What’s more, simple things like standing still, squatting or lying down can reduce the risk of being noticed. If you are unsure about your visibility, you can check the visibility counter in the lower right corner for more information.

2. Learn about flushing

With the release of Rancho del Arroyo, we are introducing a new and exciting animal behavior called Flushing. By pushing pheasants out into the open or towards a fellow hunter or bloodhound, bird hunting enthusiasts can strategically get them out of hiding and make them fly away, opening up for the perfect shot!

3. Drive silently.

If you can hear an animal, chances are it can hear you too. Shooting, running, driving, or walking through dense foliage creates noise that can alert animals and scare them away. Therefore, move silently when approaching the animal. In addition, weather conditions such as rain and wind actually hide the noise.

Additionally, players can unlock certain skills that further reduce noise in certain situations, such as when moving through large vegetation. If you’re wondering how much noise you’re making, take a look at the speaker icon in the bottom right corner.

Always check your sound and visibility meter for valuable information!

4. Explore the desert to unlock outposts.

As you explore Rancho del Arroyo, you will encounter outposts scattered throughout the open world. After visiting and capturing an outpost, you can use it as a hub for fast travel, recreation, changing game times, buying weapons and equipment, etc. Outposts are often located in places with spectacular views and great nature, so be sure to explore every secluded corner before than go in search of new adventures.

5. Never trust a cactus

They can sting you!

A true predator of the desert.

6. Use bait and bait to attract animals.

Despite your best efforts to sound like the Rio Grande turkey, you will probably need some extra help to actually communicate with one of them. With the caller, a small device that simulates animal sounds, you can lure animals into your position. You can also place baits in and around the area, which can make animals think it’s safe to go there. Decoys are available through the Weapon Cache.

Desert fauna example

7. Areas of need for research

Need zones are areas in a reserve where animals come to eat, drink, or rest. Knowing about the zones of need, you can collect valuable information about the behavior and movement of animals, such as drinking time for certain species. To display the Zone of Need on the map, either find an animal or explore the footprints in this zone.

We hope you find these tips and tricks useful on your next hunt! Rancho del Arroyo launches on August 31st on PS4 and is also playable on PS5 thanks to backward compatibility.

Thank you and happy hunting!

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