Call of Duty: Black Ops, Cold War and Warzone Season 5 Live


  • Season 5 kicks off with new content for multiplayer, zombies and warzone, including a new double agent mode, exploratory multiplayer full of sabotage and deception.
  • Step up your fight against the undead horde with new zombie content such as the new Death Perception Perk, Tesla Storm Field Upgrade and Flamethrower.
  • Warzone gets its first exclusive perks: Combat Scout and Tempered. Plus, compete in 50v50 battles in Clash and fight your way through the new GULAG Rush.

After the Jumpseat satellites have been successfully decommissioned, the Warsaw Pact is free to implement its plan – broadcasting a program of mind-altering numbers. Chaos ensues as formerly friendly operators start attacking each other. To make matters worse, there is a spy among us.

Let’s hope you’re ready. The fifth season Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and War zone Now Available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Read the full briefing.

New multiplayer mode: double agent

Season 5 introduces Double Agent, an all-new multiplayer exploration experience. In a match, multiple players are assigned as double agents to sabotage the mission. Expose the traitors before they destroy the investigation team.

It starts with 10 operators who are assigned one of three roles:

  • Double agents: Destroy everyone else or successfully detonate explosive charges around the map.
  • Investigator: Use clues to target suspected double agents on the wanted list.
  • Operators: Work together to eliminate double agents before it’s too late.

Operators will be given their roles and will be able to use a variety of weapons and skills to carry out their orders, including powerful items such as gas mines, spy planes and a battle bow.

Return demolition

Launched later in season five, the fan-favorite Demolition Multiplayer Black Ops Cold War debut. The attacking team must detonate a pair of explosive devices, while the defending team must do their best to trigger the timer before this happens. Respawns are active in Demolition. Prepare for chaos.

Four new weapons

Defeat your enemies with four new Season 5 weapons:

  • Assault Rifle EM2 (Graduation Week) – Fully automatic assault rifle with versatile design and built-in small-optics zoom. Earn it at level 15 of the Season 5 Battle Pass.
  • TEC 9 SMG (start week) – Semi-automatic submachine gun with increased accuracy at long distances, low recoil and lower rate of fire. Unlock it at level 31 of the Season 5 Battle Pass.

Unlock two more weapons – the Melee Weapon Cane and the Marshal’s Pistol – by completing in-game missions or purchasing the corresponding sets from the store when they appear later in the season.

Call of Duty: Black Ops, Cold War and Warzone

Five additional multiplayer maps

  • Echelon (6 vs 6, starting week): Set in Teufelsberg – Devil’s Mountain – in West Germany, this all-new map depicts operators fighting in the rain and ash after the last Perseus operation.
  • Slums (6 vs 6, starting week): First introduced in Black ops iiThe “Slums” has a classic three-lane layout located in the hinterland of Panama City. Fight in the lanes and at the central fountain.
Call of Duty: Black Ops, Cold War and Warzone
  • Showroom (2v2 / 3v3, Launch Week): Play outlets and kiosks on this small map made for gunfights and face off. To participate in the upcoming Gunfight Tournament.
  • Drive-in (6 to 6, per season): Cult classic from the original Black opsDrive-In returns to its 10th anniversary as part of the 2011 Annihilation card pack. Set in an abandoned movie theater in the Midwest, this map has hot zones for each weapon type.
  • Zoo (6 to 6, in season): Another Black ops the classic zoo guides operators through bear pits and aquariums, including a monorail track that provides an excellent view of what is happening below.
Call of Duty: Black Ops, Cold War and Warzone

New Goggle Series: Flamethrower

Burn your foes with the Flamethrower, the new low-cost Scorestreak that shoots a steady stream of flame, setting enemies in range on fire. Use it to increase your score towards higher value points while you control its deadly flames.

New Zombie Perk, Field Upgrade and Utility Weapon

Drink the new Perc-a-Cola “Death Perception” to see hidden enemies more clearly, giving them a bright outline. Spend Ethereum Crystals to further enhance his abilities, up to skill level V.

Equip the new Tesla Storm Field Upgrade to summon lightning bolts between you and your allies, stunning and damaging foes in its path. Improve your ability to stun stronger enemies and increase the movement speed of your squad.

Use the new flamethrower against undead as an additional support weapon to help your squad in a tough situation or whenever a little extra firepower is needed most when trying to Exfil.

Call of Duty: Black Ops, Cold War and Warzone

New Outbreak Region: Spurious

The dark ether continues to spread and a new flash zone appears in the Algerian Desert. Fight undead around the natural rock structures of the region, de-orbited satellite and oil wells in this huge new area.

New target, vehicle and flash equipment

Season 5 includes a new Outbreak objective called Transport. In this vehicle-focused challenge, players must keep the controlled Requiem vehicle safe and sound while under constant attack.

Spotted the Horde on the horizon? Jump into new tank vehicles with a powerful cannon and an installed turret to fight even the toughest zombies.

Craft the new Grapple Gun to move faster through the Outbreak Zone, and expect even more Zombies content in Season 5, including the new “Ikari EggXit” bonus map in Dead Ops Arcade 3 and an additional Dark Aether Intel story via Outbreak.

Call of Duty: Black Ops, Cold War and Warzone

New bonuses in the warzone, landmarks, gulag and more

New Perks: Combat Scout and Hardened

For the first time in history, War zone gains two exclusive perks, each with their own benefits that can drastically change your gear choices.

Combat Scout gives operators a burst of operational intelligence, as dealing damage to an enemy briefly highlights them in bright orange and automatically pings them. Fortify your armor with hardened armor, improving its damage resistance with two armor plate slots.

Call of Duty: Black Ops, Cold War and Warzone

New Points of Interest: Mobile Broadcasting Stations

Perseus’ allies have deployed a network of mobile broadcast stations throughout Verdansk. These locations change from match to match, so make sure you don’t miss out on any of them for more information and new rewards.

Call of Duty: Black Ops, Cold War and Warzone

New GULAG: Rush

Rush Gulag, made up of a premier paintball arena, should feel right at home for players who have dived into this arena. Black ops cod war The multiplayer map introduced in the fourth season of Reloaded. Practice right now before Rush arrives at the GULAG.

New mode and event

Prepare for a 50v50 battle as the Clash approaches. War zone… Spiritual successor War zone Rumble, Clash grants teams unlimited deathmatch respawn up to 200 points. Watch out for contracts and public events that can turn the tide of battle.

Later in season five, expect the next step in the evolution of the mysterious red doors. Beware as their increased volatility has resulted in operators being sent to new locations.

Call of Duty: Black Ops, Cold War and Warzone

New Battle Pass, Operators, and More

Season 5 brings all this and more with a new Battle Pass, three new playable operators – Kitsune, Stryker and Hudson – new prestige levels, new Seasonal Multiplayer and Zombie Challenges, and more. For the first time in Season 5, players can unlock an additional exclusive Operator Kitsune Skin by purchasing the Battle Pass Bundle at the start of the season.

Not engaged yet? Receive Black Ops Cold War on the Xbox store todayand play Season 5 today!

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