By coincidence: Waluigi and Vario get well-deserved celebrity support

Image: Nintendo / Nintendo Life

As you undoubtedly know, Christina Aguilera has been doing a little bit of advertising for Nintendo lately, starring in a commercial with her family and talking about the topic in interview with Elle (which has been admittedly ignored in gaming circles for a long time). We’ve learned that fame, for example, can give you an early look at Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

But we could not allow this interview to completely immerse ourselves in the distant past of the Internet without highlighting another section – Christina Aguilera demonstrates her love for Vario and Waluigi. She was asked about her favorite characters and she answered correctly:

To be honest, it depends on the game. Again, Mario Partis[sic] and Mario Karts, my sister and I have always enjoyed playing as siblings in the past, and I am Vario, she is Waluigi. We love to voice. They get really stupid. So we definitely love them. But now that new characters have come out, I really like Pink Gold Peach, she is one of my favorites, Rosaline, and yes, they look like metal characters and they are really cool.

Vario has had several games of his own, the last of which is WarioWare: Get Together!Poor old Waluigi was largely sidelined. However, we love it even if Nintendo doesn’t.

Now we just need more celebrities supporting under-used characters – who has a kind word for Birdo?

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