By coincidence: This detailed animal intersection with Zelda: breath of the wild is breathtaking

There is no shortage of creators in Animal Crossing: New Horizons doing weird, detailed and wonderful things in the game, and now that polish effects are added in the new update, even bigger things are possible.

NaydinfarCrossing – whose name you can recognize from her other Zelda re-creations – is one of the preeminent creators of Zelda in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and her latest work is exceptional thanks to her use of new effects.

Details include the eyes and pink slime of Anger, a dangerous manifestation of evil in Breath of the Wild, and destroyed furniture and banners from the ruined Hyrule Castle. New furniture, such as a sunken sword and glow-in-the-dark decals, are used to enhance the overall effect of the castle as the site of a great and terrible battle.

Other Hyrulian builds of NaydinfarCrossing are also noteworthy:

Now we just have to wait for Nintendo to add Wolf Link back to game …

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