By coincidence: the Sahara store has improved significantly on Harva Island, thank goodness

Image: Nintendo / Nintendo Life

Listen – it probably looks like everyone is repeating the same mistakes over and over again with the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons content, swallowing it all up for the first few days. Trust us, we know this feeling, especially when you have a job or responsibilities and you can’t keep up with them. (Admittedly, our job literally not to be outdone, but we’re probably pretty unique on this one.)

BUT. Having said that … We can all agree that shopping in the Sahara is a real headache, right?

Well, good news: Nintendo has fixed that with the Saharah co-op store on Harva Island. Pay just 100,000 bells to unlock it, and the next day it becomes a permanent fixture that you don’t have to chase around your island repeating the same annoying dialogue over and over and over again.

Better yet, you can actually see what she sells, so you don’t buy a super-ugly rug, and with Tortimer’s ability to access your home storage on the island, you can check if you are already have super ugly rug too.

But that is not all! Now you can buy multiple items at once!

Oh, glory to any camel god. Buying wallpaper isn’t the worst thing anymore.

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