By coincidence: Players already run Samus terribly well in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread hasn’t even been released for a week yet, but some of the skills we’re seeing even at this early stage can be impressive.

If you yourself have played this game, then you know that it immediately becomes obvious how sleek and sleek Samus feels like she is in control. Running, sliding, and fast aimed rocket shots are incredibly enjoyable, and some of the late game mechanics open up some really interesting possibilities.

WITH minor spoiler a warning for those who don’t want to see the abilities that you unlock throughout the game, we strongly recommend that you watch this video from YouTube user remelrelyk. The player combines Samus’s Morph Ball and Bombs, Wall Jumps, Speed ​​Boost, Radiant Spark, and Grapple Beam to perform a sequence of movements that are almost impossible to describe:


By the way, we are also already seeing speedruns such as this one appear on the Internet. 1:43:20 effort by YouTuber, Ihaveastupidename. How people beat the game so quickly is not clear to us, but bravo:

Players came up with different strategies to get through the game from the start, including this attempt, in which the player defeated the boss in a rather unconventional way, having previously chosen an alternate path (again, with a spoiler alert).

Have you played the game? How are you? Let us know in the comments.

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