By coincidence: It took a year to build this scale model of the great fox Star Fox in Minecraft

Ever wonder what Fox McCloud and his fellow animal exterminator pilots do when they’re not on duty? Your questions can be answered in the form of a Minecraft build, because inside berg_A gigantic massive re-creation of the Great Fox mothership from Star Fox Zero, we can finally get a glimpse into the lives of Slippy, Falco, Peppy and Fox.

Like other sci-fi ships like Starship Enterprise and Death Star, there are all sorts of options for both leisure and work: pools, cafeterias, shooting galleries, and even farms. But it’s not only beautiful – there is full redstone lighting, the bridge controls the ship’s functional cannons, and there are drop bays for the Blue Marine submarine and the Landmaster tank.

Berg_ says it took a year to complete the build, completely built from scratch, and that they “had no idea” it would take that long. However, “I’m glad I went on this journey,” says berg_, “and I’m happy to finally share it with the world.”

If you want to get a good look the map is available for download on Planet Minecraft… Just please don’t barrel on such a big ship.

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