By coincidence: a flock of little pikachu danced around 10m Pikachu to celebrate the opening of the mall

Image: Visit Songjiang

Usually, if you hear the news that a group of creatures has been seen dancing around many a higher version of the creatures mentioned, you would be a little worried that some kind of secret rite was being performed. We cannot say with certainty what it is No business, but at least cute.

Back on November 18, gaming industry insider Daniel Ahmad posted several photos of the mysterious Pikachu ten meters tall near a new shopping center in Shanghai. Today, the reason for the big fighter has been revealed: it is part of a partnership between the Pokémon Company and the grand opening of Songjiang INCITY, and the totem around which little Pikachu dance (which is displayed at almost every event. And sometimes blown away) can gather.

This is all part of a much larger collaboration with even larger Pokémon, pop-up shops, and special events at the mall:

As it turned out, Songjiang INCITY is far from the first Shanghai mall to have a Pokémon connection – there is also a mall called Metro City, which pokeball:

Which Pokemon would you most thrill upon seeing a 10-meter statue? Let us know in the comments.

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