By coincidence: 927 artists join forces to draw each Pokémon for the new PokéRap video

Image: The Pokemon Company

If you’ve watched Pokemon anime back in the late 90s, you will no doubt remember the stunning PokéRap… You know one – “I want to be the best that ever existed, beat everyone else, yes, that’s my business … Electrode! Diglett! Nidoran! Monkey! “


Anyway, to recreate PokéRap for modern days, complete with every Pokémon in existence as of November 2021, 927 different artists have worked hard, painting every month. The result is a 15-minute showcase of each artist’s work, a personalized vocal track, and some good old-fashioned nostalgia. Let’s take a look:

A complete list of artists (along with the Pokémon they painted) can be found here

It’s a huge effort for everyone and definitely a positive thing for the Pokémon fan community. Congratulations to everyone involved, from us at Nintendo Life!

Thanks to Mairead for the tip!

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