By accident: want to smell like Sonic? Then check out the Official Sega Colognes

Image: Sega / Numskull

Look, if you want to smell like an overly active hedgehog that’s constantly sweating from running at the speed of light, we won’t judge you. Good, many

Yes, Numskull Designs has introduced a new line of official Sega colognes that are supposedly “a treat for your senses.” We’ll have to take their word for it, but these descriptions do a pretty good job of letting us imagine how “invigorating” each scent is.

Sonic, Shenmue and Yakuza options are available, why not? Images can be found below.

Sonic the Hedgehog ‘Blue Blur’ Unisex Official Cologne

Add a gorgeous refreshing scent to your daily routine with this invigorating unisex Sonic the Hedgehog ‘Blue Blur’ cologne! Endorsed by the famous Blue Spot, this cologne boasts scent of fresh citrus, hints of grapefruit zest, exotic lemon and lime topped with ocean breeze scent and chilled melon scent. Enjoy rich base tones of leather, suede and cedar. This fragrance is great for a gift to your loved one or yourself!

Shenmue ‘Tobacco and Gold’ Official Unisex Cologne

Rebellious and addictive, this exhilarating unisex Shenmue Tobacco and Gold cologne strikes with all the scents you need to make the likes of Ryo Hazuki nod in gratitude. Enjoy this supremely masculine scent with top notes of clashing cardamom and bergamot, smoldering golden tobacco, deep iris and sage, and a strong patchouli base. This fragrance is perfect for a gift to your loved one or yourself!

Official Yakuza / Ryū ga Gotoku ‘Bourbon and Smoke’ Unisex Cologne

Made for the night, this bold and intriguing Yakuza / Ryū ga Gotoku ‘Bourbon and Smoke’ unisex cologne will make you smell like the best crime boss of the Tojo clan! This fragrance showcases a deep and mysterious aroma of ancient oak, cedar, beeswax, mixed with smoky bourbon, leathery rose and scorching pepper. This cologne is ideal to present to a loved one or keep for yourself!

We admit that the bottles themselves are pretty cool, but do you really want to smell like the best crime boss of the Tojo clan? If the answer is yes, you will find them in Sega Official European Store for £ 29.99 / € 29.56.

If you do decide to grab a bottle or two, be sure to come back and let us know which ones they are!

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