By accident: VTuber Korone plays with WarioWare Twisted gyroscope! With GameCube

VTubers (known as virtual youtubers) have become incredibly popular over the past decade. While we’re used to seeing these digital characters voiced by real people playing video games, it’s not every day that we see something that strange …

Japanese VTuber ‘Crown‘- which has 1.7 million YouTuber subscribers – recently aired a game stream in which she apparently used a GameCube instead of a Game Boy Advance to play the classic GBA version with a gyroscope. WarioWare Twisted!… This is all because she couldn’t use the GBA for streaming, so instead she just plugged in a “whole console”. Although it was much more difficult to play, as you can see above, it was a real experience.

Obviously, the gyroscope features in WarioWare Twisted! everything is in a cartridge, so you just need to plug it into a working device (in this case, the GameCube GBA Player). Perhaps what makes this game so unique is the fact that VTuber does it – probably no one could have imagined this when the game was originally released in 2004/05.

If you’re still wondering what that would actually look like, the response to the above tweet noted that the same method (using the GBA Player) was used by speedrunners in other games such as Kirby Tilt N Tumble:

And here is how it might look from the perspective of Corone:

As neat as it is, we can’t imagine shaking and moving your GameCube will help it in the long run – so do it at your own risk if you do decide to give it a try.

What do you think of the crazy idea combined with VTuber? Do you have any VTubers that you watch to play games? Have you heard that Sonic became one? Leave a comment below.

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