By accident: Mario and Bowser are used to promote PS5 in China

Image: Twitter / via @ZhugeEX

When you think of the Sony PlayStation brand, what mascots come to mind? Some of the obvious ones are Ratchet & Clank, Kratos, or perhaps even Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn – but why not Mario and Bowser?

While you usually don’t associate the world’s most famous video game character with the PlayStation brand, one game store located in Guangzhou, China uses Mario and Bowser (in their wedding outfits from Super Mario Odyssey) to promote PS5, well …the whole brand – with cardboard cutouts of characters outside this store.

Take a look at these “unique pieces” courtesy of Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad:

This is definitely strange, but I must admit, this is not the first time we see something like this. Mario and Bowser should know better, especially ahead of the launch of the Switch OLED model in China next week, January 11th.

Perhaps Mario and Bowser are just trying to spark interest in Nintendo’s latest Switch model. Or, conversely, it’s just a joke. We may never know!

Have you ever seen something similar to this picture or a specific brand promoting its competitor? Already have a PS5 or OLED model? Leave a comment below.

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