By accident: Forget sealed retro games, empty boxes are now a popular ticket

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There has been a lot of drama surrounding the graduated sales of retro games lately, with many people claiming the whole thing is an elaborate scam. It may seem, however, that despite the current cloud of negativity, there is still room for new trends to emerge – but we didn’t think selling empty flat-pack boxes would be one of them.

That’s right – there is currently an announcement about eBay for two Golden eye showcases – First Seal (1997) and Player’s Choice (1999) – for a total price of £ 2,445 ($ 3,281). “I do not want to share a pair, but feel free to contact [me] with any questions or to discuss the price, ”says the seller.

The seller states that both boxes are “UKG Graded 85+ NM +” and that they are “kept as close as possible intact, never assembled or sorted in their original flatbed state.” Clearly now is the time to have a blank display associated with this classic Rare FPS.

GoldenEye box
Image: kultclassic-uk

This auction even caught the attention of David Doak, one of the game’s early developers:

Joking aside, we don’t seriously suggest that empty boxes could be the next big collecting craze, although it’s easy to see why. serious fans can find these coveted items. However, for this price, we would like to have, you know, a copy that actually contained the game itself.

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