By accident: Did you know the link can tan in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild?

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One more day, one more thing we didn’t know about this game from almost five years ago: Breath of the Wild has sunburn mechanic

Unlike a true sunburn, the slight flush on Link’s body is a bit difficult to notice: it is a very slight reddening of his shoulders, nose, cheeks and collarbone, which is the most raised areas on his body. He’ll get this sunburn if he spends too long in a hot zone (Gerudo Desert) without clothes, but Nintendo didn’t want us to worry, so the sunburn layer is capped at 4%.

But with the help of modifications, we can turn poor Link into a charred husk, raising his sunburn rate to almost any level above 15%. Go 50% and the boy is just a charcoal silhouette with hair.

And for those of you impressed that Nintendo has managed to implement the subtle sunburn mechanic: there is also an easy frostbite mechanic for areas of extreme cold! One might think that the hero of time would take better care of himself after being revived with the help of the Sheikh’s magic, but no.

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