British tanks from the Cold War appear in World of Tanks


  • The British are marching and ready to dominate the British invasion, the latest award-packed season World of Tanks
  • This new season marks the introduction of the first British tanks for the Cold War regime.
  • More in-game content is also invading, including tank mercenary contracts and garage and game UI updates.

Centurion. Leader. Applicant. These are some of the British tanks that defined tank wars in the second half of the 20th century.

But you don’t have to be a military history buff to enjoy their power. These tanks and several other British giants will arrive directly at your console in World of Tanksarriving in waves during the last season: British invasion!

The British invasion is filled with new challenges and new rewards. Gold, Silver, Premium Time, Seasonal Emblems, and more can all be yours! Players can access rewards at three possible levels: Free Rewards, Season Pass Rewards, and Top Season Pass Rewards.

All players automatically gain access to the Free Rewards tier, which gives you rewards for every three tiers you complete out of the total 100 tiers of the season.

However, to get more out of British Invasion, check out the Season Pass. With the Season Pass, you will receive rewards for every level you complete. in addition to Free Rewards tier rewards! And this season, the Season Pass Rewards include the first British Cold War era heavy tank: the powerful FV4211.

Looking for the ultimate UK experience? Get the Ultimate Season Pass. You’ll get everything from the Free Rewards and Season Pass levels, plus even more rewards, including one month’s exclusive access to Britain’s first Cold War light tank: the agile RDF / LT. Not only this; The Ultimate Season Pass is available at an amazing discount just in time for the winter holidays. Don’t miss the chance to make yourself a real gift!

These new tanks and new rewards are just the first wave of our UK holiday on December 7th. On December 14th, a whole line of all-new British vehicles will arrive for the Cold War game mode! The invasion will be supported by flexible medium tanks and powerful heavy tanks, including historic vehicles like the Conqueror that players have been waiting for since the debut of the Cold War regime. World of Tanks

World of Tanks: British Invasion

Then, in January, reinforcements arrive! Command new fast British light tanks or use the firepower of the new British tank destroyers to dominate the Cold War and help lead the Western Alliance to victory. The choice is yours: choose a brand new British tank that suits your playstyle and prevail!

And that’s not all: the season of British Invasion has even more immersive in-game content to pass on to tankers. By popular demand, contracts for mercenary tanks are returning to the game, which gives you the opportunity to prove your skills and earn a legendary tank for your work! You will also see a new garage and new user interface to immerse you in the tanking process even more.

The British come … and they bring an exhilarating new season of console tank wars! Are you ready to fight for hope and glory? Then watch out for the British invasion of World of Tanks… Roll out!

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World of Tanks is a global multiplayer free online game set in the mid-20th century tank wars. Built specifically for the Xbox, World of Tanks features realistic vehicles and environments, allowing players to drive the most powerful tanks in history and engage in battles on Xbox like never before. Features: • Strategic dynamic online 15v15 action. • More than 700 original tanks to choose from from 12 nations. • Fight in a variety of environments with different terrain and weather effects. • Built-in support for Xbox One X pushes the boundaries of graphic fidelity. • Regular updates offer new content and frequent special events.

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