Bravely Default Mobile Spin Off Coming to Japan This Month

Square Enix has announced the Japanese release date for its upcoming single-player spin-off Bravely Default. Bright fires of courage by default, and the mobile role-playing game will appear on Android and IOS devices on January 27th.

Bravely Default Brilliant Lights takes place on three different continents: Luxendarc Bravely Default, Excillent Bravely Default 2 and a brand new area known as Vermelho. Written by series writer Keiichi Ajiro and composed to the music of Revo, the game will feature the franchise’s signature Bravely Default system, with battles, quests, and abilities optimized for mobile play.

Detailed digital manual also popped online ahead of release day, and if you can read Japanese, it’s filled with character descriptions and battle guides, as well as beautiful maps and screenshots of the game in action.

As for the western release of this latest adventure in the Bravely Default series, there’s been no word yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted if that changes. In the meantime, you’ll have to check out the official trailer above, check out some of the official press details and screenshots below, and maybe head over to this online guide for some more in-game images.

Embark on an adventure revolving around the Crystal with four new warriors of light.

5000 years have passed since the death of the great alchemist who proposed the creation of the Crystal, the creator of all things.

The light of the Crystal had not yet illuminated the land, which had become a vast wasteland called the “Bloody Sands”. And the great rift valley created by the giant’s arrow divided the lands from north to south, dividing the cultures of people from the east and west.

In this vast land, devastated by years of war and the “Bloody Sands”, there was only one area blessed with water and greenery. This is where our story begins – in Brass, City of Alchemy.

One night, a radiant ball of light appeared near the ancient ruins on the outskirts of Brass, illuminating the night sky. The next morning, Claire, who has been studying the ruins as an apprentice alchemist, receives a request to investigate the damage…

A single-player role-playing game that everyone will enjoy – As a single-player role-playing game for smartphone, you can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere. But you can also enjoy playing with friends through chat, guild, PvP and raid.

No gacha characters! Choose your favorite characters and train them to the fullest – Choose and acquire your favorite characters, then train them to the fullest according to their abilities and traits.

Play for a large number boldly Series characters – How boldly 10th Anniversary project, a large number of characters from previous entries in the series will appear as playable characters. You can even enjoy previously untold episodes as side stories.

Strategic battles using the “Brave and Default” system – The combat system uses the traditional “Brave & Default” system for the series, optimized for smartphones for the first time. The system consists of an offensive “Brave”, which allows up to four actions per turn, and a defensive “Default”, which allows you to save actions for the “Brave”. Decide when to use “Courage” instead of “Default” in strategic combat.

Will you find a way to upgrade to Bravely Default Brilliant Lights when it hits Japanese mobile devices later this month? Is a mobile game the best way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of such a legendary franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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