Brand-new 30-second Super Mario movie trailer appears out of nowhere

Update: Another shorter clip seems to have appeared – this time in Spanish. @misterduby on Twitterwhich features new footage and an encounter with Bramball:

Yesterday we got to know about Princess Peach and the redesigned Donkey Kong in the second trailer for the upcoming game. Movie Super Mario Bros., presented with considerable fanfare in a special Nintendo Direct stream. However, it looks like a completely different and new 30 second video has landed on Twitch.

How caught Rodekirby on YouTube (with Dutch subtitles – no, we here at Nintendo Life had nothing to do with subtitles!), the 30-second clip contains brand-new footage of Mario taking his first steps in the Mushroom Kingdom and making his first journey through its network of multicolored pipes. It also gives us a better view (well, Listen) to Chris Pratt’s version of Mario in conversation with Toad.

We’re still trying to trace the trailer on Twitch for ourselves to verify its origins, but as you can see from Rodekirby’s YouTube video above, it appears to be completely legal and will randomly appear as an ad on the streaming platform.

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