Bottom Line: The Internet celebrates Kirby’s 30th birthday

Image: Nintendo Life / Gemma Smith

It’s official guys: Kirby the franchise is 30 years old – can you believe it? When HAL Laboratory’s debut game in the series, Kirby’s Dream Land, was released on April 27, 1992, we doubt anyone really believed that the little pink blob would become one of the most widely known and celebrated figures in gaming.

With the launch of Kirby and the Forgotten Land on Switch, the franchise isn’t about to slow down; in fact, we dare to argue that Kirby’s first real foray into 3D did little more than revive interest in the franchise. Globally, the series is well-loved and people are taking to Twitter to celebrate this important milestone in the best possible way: with beautiful illustrations.

We’ve compiled some of the finest Kirby tributes below; be sure to let us know in the comments how you got started with the franchise and what it means to you today!

First off, Kirby’s official Twitter page highlighted the franchise with some brand new illustrations, showcasing some of the series’ most iconic characters along with a rather adorable looking “Karby” cake.

Next we have another cake (because of course it’s a birthday, yes) along with a lot of characters from the show. Kirby himself celebrates for real, lounging on a star and holding a lollipop. What a guy.

The next piece of art is a beautiful composition depicting classic characters posing in celebration. The “Happy 30th Anniversary” banner takes center stage. We love this one!

In addition, this magnificent work is a worthy tribute to the green filter of the Game Boy screen. It features Kirby and King Dedede next to a 30th birthday star – imagine if Kirby was actually green… Wow.

We now have beautiful pixel art with a very cool homage to the franchise. This one features Kirby in various poses, all lovingly crafted in pixelated form. Gorgeous!

This one showcases some of Kirby’s most iconic copy abilities. We’re not going to lie, we’d really like to see them as stickers or magnets – go for it!

Finally, what can we say about this? This is epic. This gigantic piece of art is so vast and full of characters that it had to be split into 4 frames on Twitter. This is just a wildly ambitious undertaking that will grace any wall.

That’s all for now! We really enjoyed seeing all of the Kirby tributes on such a significant anniversary. If you haven’t dived into the series yet, you can check out our list of the best Kirby games to get an idea of ​​where exactly you need to start.

Tell us in the comments how you celebrated Kirby’s 30th birthday and share your favorite franchise memories!

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