Blizzard is “watching Genji closely”

Genji holds his weapon in his hand, ready to strike.

Blink and you’ll miss it.
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Overwatch 2 was a bit rough start. But how many mistakes reviewed and discussed, Blizzard pays special attention to the balance of heroes in future seasons. A shuriken-wielding hero in particular is on the lookout for nerfs as the developer noticed an early “dominant win rate” in favor of the cyborg ninja Genji.

AT post-launch blogDate since yesterday, Blizzard has laid out many observations regarding the different heroes, their overall performance and fairness. Genji and Sojorn stood out as “the most popular [damage] heroes” in the early days of the game, although “they have since aligned with the rest of the roster.” However, the studio is not worried about popularity. At the moment Overwatch the team plans to “keep a close eye on Genji throughout the season” as the cybernetic sharps wielder can tear other heroes too hard and too fast.

With a current win rate of 52 percent (which the studio notes is down from where it originally was), Blizzard seems to be eyeing the passive damage role, which it notes “has particularly benefited heroes like Genji.” This passive increases movement speed and cooldown after a successful kill. Genji is a fairly fast and agile hero to start with, so kills give him more of a speed boost on top of his ability to climb walls and do a double jump, which can make him a little too nimble.

It’s not uncommon for Genji to be too fast due to his passive damage role to be considered fair. in the Internet right now. Blizzard hasn’t given any other guidance on how Genji might be nerfed, if at all, this season or next.

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Genji isn’t the only hero the team is watching. Symmetra and Torbjorn were mentioned in the update as “they currently have the highest win percentage in some ranks.” Sombra also worries the studio as she wants to “make sure her targets have reasonable time to fight back”.

While it’s safe to say that everyone was probably hoping for a smoother exit from Overwatchcontinuation, I hope the conversation will be more about the details of the game, and not the overall stability of the gameplay.

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