Blizzard Confirms Doomfist Will Become a Tank Hero in Overwatch 2

Image: Snowstorm

Blizzard will make big changes in the upcoming release. Overwatch 2and the last opening Street FighterThe fighter-inspired Doomfist will be changed from a damage class to a tank class.

Game director Aaron Keller shared more details live last week, explaining how Doomfist’s “jump” would be similar to Winston’s. He also mentioned that he would be able to survive longer in combat and that he had “good running” abilities.

The fist of death will do a lot less damage as a tank, and Keller admitted that the hero also needed a nerf after Overwatch 2’s recent closed beta. This latest tank update follows Overwatch’s announcement that it will be ditching the second tank and reducing the team format to 5v5.

So, Overwatch players, how do you feel about Doomfist becoming a tank? Will you give this game a try when it finally comes out? Leave a comment below.

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