Blizzard apologizes for problems launching Overwatch 2 Players

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Overwatch 2 was released on Switch and several other platforms just over a week ago, and it’s safe to say that the launch has been a nightmare for Blizzard and the gaming community. The servers appeared to have suffered “massive DDoS attacks” and there were long queues and connection issues.

Blizzard has been working around the clock to improve the situation and has now issued an official apology to players who encountered “any issues” during the game’s launch. Here is part of what the company had to say in its latest blog update, as highlighted by company president Mike Ybarra on social media:

“The launch of Overwatch 2 as an online service comes with amazing opportunities and challenges, both expected and unexpected. We have largely stabilized the game as a whole and have made significant progress in fixing or improving the issues some of you are experiencing. We’re committed to consistently investigating issues as they arise, working quickly on fixes, and being open about the status of Overwatch 2 to our community.

“The team continues to work on rolling out further stability updates, with another patch scheduled for later this week, and we’re monitoring the game closely for emerging issues and bugs. We keep you all updated on the forums with separate messages. , but going forward our known issues will be monitored here. We apologize for any issues players experienced during the game’s launch.”

To make up for this “lost time”, Blizzard will be hosting a few XP double match weekends in the near future, and will also be giving away the “Cursed Captain Reaper Legendary Skin” along with a weapon amulet. These items will be available from October 25 until the end of the first season.

Blizzard says it will “continue to listen” to its community as Overwatch 2’s online service model appears to allow “changes to be made at a faster pace” than before. This follows Blizzard’s announcement of removing the mobile phone number requirement for existing Overwatch and Battle.Net users.

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