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Hello everyone, my name is Danilo from JoyMasher and I’m really excited to tell you more about Vengeful Guardian Moonrider, our next big game! And trust me, it’s quite a trip.

After tackling the run-and-gun genre with our previous Blazing Chrome game (inspired by timeless classics like Contra), I wanted Vengeful Guardian Moonrider to retain the retro goodness of 90s action platformers while updating the gameplay with new funny ways.

To do this, I delved into 16-bit games and even some early CD games and tried to create an authentic experience, as if you just found an unreleased MegaDrive/Genesis game in your basement. To do this, for example, I used Redbook-style audio and even recorded a speech to give the Vengeful Guardian Moonrider an authentic feel of that era.

But games weren’t the only inspiration for Vengeful Guardian Moonrider, and I also tried to mix in the many different cultural influences I had as a kid by playing amazing Japanese action games, watching dark anime, and reading speculative and dubious sci-fi novels. Genocyber, Cybernetic Guardians, Kamen Rider Black and Hakaider have been revised to help define the type of universe the Vengeful Guardian Moonrider takes place in. Watching all these amazing shows was certainly a very serious job and not at all a reason to spend some time usefully, hehe …

All of the character design in Vengeful Guardian Moonrider and the overall art of the game was heavily inspired by the Japanese artist Keita Amemiya, designer of numerous video games, anime and tokusatsu of the era. I also drew inspiration from H. R. Giger, the artist behind the otherworldly visual effects on Alien.

Most enemies have a lot of biomechanical parts and give them a very creepy feel. The boss room backgrounds also have their fair share of body horror and organic elements, giving another nice layer of that creepy feel I was looking for while still maintaining a very cool look! I was also strongly influenced by yokai (Japanese demons) and their depictions in traditional Japanese art.

As you may have guessed by now, references are very important to me and are a great source of inspiration and I think they were essential to set me up to create the terrifying sci-fi atmosphere you would like to explore. In Vengeful Guardian Moonrider, everything is sharp, dark and gloomy, but not without reason. The story is also a dark tale of an alternate reality where a despotic state uses its weapons – guardians – to subjugate other nations and its own people. Moonrider is a guard who, after an incident, decides to fight for his people and destroy the evil regime.

We know there are a lot of indie adventure games out there, but we’re really trying to create something special, something that captures the feel of ’90s adventure games but adds a new edge to them. The atmosphere is of course a great tool for this, but the gameplay is also fundamental.

Vengeful Guardian Moonrider is an old-school action-platformer, but we’ve tried to mix fast-paced arcade style with a bit of item hunting and exploration through the chip system, giving you new abilities and options as you play. For example, there are power chips that can give you double jump, weapon range increase, HP regeneration, and a host of other useful abilities allowing you to really choose and play the way you want.

And it wraps it up for this blog post! I hope you’re as excited as we are for the Vengeful Guardian Moonrider and I hope you enjoy it as much as we love making it. Stay tuned for more retro love, and keep an eye out for Vengeful Guardian Moonrider on PlayStation.

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