Best Nintendo Switch Fitness & Exercise Games

Failed locked up at home and need something to keep you active? Want to get in shape this year but find it difficult to resist the game? Don’t worry, the Switch makes it easy to combine your favorite activity with a little cardiovascular exercise to improve circulation. We’ve rounded up our pick of the best Switch fitness and exercise games below.

Of course, you need to pair these games with a balanced diet and more challenging exercise sessions if you really want to feel great and benefit from a dynamite body with a washboard belly, firm ribcages, and more, but the Switch has a whole host of games to play. and software to help you get off the couch. The console’s portability also means you don’t have to miss a session when you’re away from home. So no excuses!

Whether it’s dedicated fitness software or games with motion controls that keep you moving, the Nintendo Switch games below will keep you gore and help you get in shape any time of the year. So grab your Joy-Con and get on your feet and enjoy the best Switch games for fitness and (non-stationary) entertainment …

Ring Fit Adventure (Switch)Ring Fit Adventure (Switch)

Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo

Release date: 18 October 2019USA) / 18 October 2019UK / EU)

Nintendo’s latest development in the fitness game genre allows for the proper gamification of exercises that Wii Fit never hit the target. If you’re into the gym, you probably shouldn’t throw your membership card away for now, but for anyone looking to get better, Ring Fit Adventure is a fantastic way to do it that won’t tire you out to the point of pointlessness. Play it right and you’ll definitely feel it the next morning – a sure sign that at least he’s benefiting you – while the addictive adventure mode with RPG elements ensures you’ll keep coming back for more.

A brilliant blend of fitness and fun, stock shortages have made tracking difficult in the past couple of months, but keep an eye out as Nintendo is slowly restocking.

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Fitness box (Switch)Fitness box (Switch)

Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Imagining

Release date: January 4, 2019USA) / December 21, 2018UK / EU)

Fitness Boxing and its sequel (see below) are marketed as lifestyle apps – software that helps you while you’re on vacation and can’t get into Boxercise / Body Combat classes. As such, they are crisp, energetic successes that make your blood beat faster. For a one-time fee for a month’s gym membership, they deliver a small resume and grab pointers from the store. Just dance series (and various rhythm games) to provide a comfortable and fun workout as you box to the beat. It’s not a substitute for heavy gym hours, but there is certainly the potential to strengthen those arms and shed a few pounds.

As an alternative …

Fitness Box 2: Rhythm & Exercise (Switch)Fitness Box 2: Rhythm & Exercise (Switch)

Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Imagining

Release date: December 4, 2020USA) / December 4, 2020UK / EU)

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise adds very little to the foundation of its predecessor, but if you not you already have the original, it’s still a great alternative to the more intense workouts that Ring Fit Adventure has to offer. Fitness Boxing, with its rhythm-based gameplay, is a completely different proposition and might suit your situation better (Ring-Con is a little awkward to throw in a travel bag!). It would be a mistake to buy this thinking what you get the game or some magic spare wheel antidote. That said, it kept us coming back to get more, and if you need a reason to justify canceling that direct debit at Gold’s, any of the fitness boxes will keep your blood pumping and keep you toned, especially in your absence. from home.

Just Dance 2022 (Switch)Just Dance 2022 (Switch)

Publisher: Ubisoft / Developer: Ubisoft

Release date: November 4, 2021 (USA) / November 4, 2021 (UK / EU)

It’s Just Dance, and it does what it says on the can. Just Dance 2022 won’t win any innovation prizes, but it’s yet another robust iteration of the formula with a decent roster of new songs. You’ll want to subscribe to Just Dance Unlimited to get the most out of your purchase, and if you already own Just Dance 2021, Just Dance 2020, Just Dance 2019, Just Dance 2018, or Just Dance 2017, you probably don’t. it’s worth picking up that too, unless you’re putting together a Just Dance collection on the shelf (gotta love these pandas, huh?). Newcomers to this series won’t find a better score based dance game. Grab your Joy-Con, lie down on the floor and … you know what to do. Swaying to the top of the charts with costumed dancers isn’t much better.

Zumba Burn It Up!  (Switch)Zumba Burn It Up!  (Switch)

Publisher: 505 Games / Developer: Kuju Entertainment

Release date: November 19, 2019USA) / November 22, 2019UK / EU)

Also known as Just dance without the scary discolored mannequins, Zumba Burn It Up! is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and is very similar to Just Dance games in that the Joy-Con tracks your movements as you follow on-screen instructions. You dance with one of the game’s real instructors to burn as many calories as possible, and you can do it with a partner in the Fitness Party mode. Full Class offers 15 to 60 minutes of workouts, so there’s definitely room for some calories to burn, but as with all the software on this list, you only get what you put in, so the responsibility lies with you commit. Come on, grab your sweatpants and get down.

ARMS (switch)ARMS (switch)

Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo

Release date: June 16, 2017USA) / June 16, 2017UK / EU)

Not a practice game as suchARMS is still a great way to sweat with controlled motion fist punches. The basic combat mechanics are easy to understand, but they also showcase the kind of depth that rewards dedicated players. The combination of light and charged kicks with dash and jump allows you to create an almost ballet style of play, but by adding grabs, stuns, and features unique to each stage, you have a really powerful foundation for multiple calorie burning and toning. Raise your … hands.

Collecting all the weapons provides motivation to keep coming back, and while the game may not have found an audience – certainly not on the scale of the Splatoon 2 super hit – it’s still polished, addictive and extremely rewarding and well worth taking.

Skipping Rope Competition (Switch eShop)Skipping Rope Competition (Switch eShop)

Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo

Release date: June 15, 2020USA) / June 16, 2020UK / EU)

Jump Rope Challenge, a surprise discount on Nintendo’s Switch eShop, is a free-to-play game in which you (and your friend, if you have one) grab a Joy-Con and jump over an imaginary rope so many times. as far as it’s possible. The game was created by Nintendo employees from home to help you stay active when you are locked indoors. It was originally a limited-time release, only available for download until September 2020, but has been delayed and will now be available “until further notice.” Zoink!

Is this the deepest video game ever made? Obviously not, but it’s cute, it’ll make your heart beat, and it’s completely, completely free to download. You really can’t go wrong! If you’re still unsure why not let our lovely video resident Alexei do a short demo …

And the best of the rest!

If you need something to get you on your feet, there are other games to help you get off the couch, even if they won’t make you sweat. Mario Tennis Aces has a Joy-Con control option a la wiggle classic Wii Sports. Again, Swing Mode will definitely not provide a workout that will make your biceps bulge and you will lose the accuracy you get from an analog stick, but it will make you and you move, laughing as you bang the balls back and forth.

There is also 1-2-Switch, which encourages you to not only stand up, but also look your opponent in the eyes, rather than staring at the TV screen. No, you won’t burn too many calories by quickly pulling and firing the pistol at Grandma, but at least the movement should keep you on your toes. It should be noted that 1-2-Switch really only works in the context of a party. Otherwise, the game struggles to live up to its full-price retail status, but if you catch it on sale and have the crowd you want, it could still be a winner. A plus, we know you’ve been eager to try this HD ice cube thing since the launch of Switch.

That’s all for now, although we’ll be updating those choices as more ‘fun’ games hit the Switch. Do you think we missed something? Let us know below and tell us how you are doing with the above names.

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