Battlefield 2042 subreddit may close due to angry gamers

Image from Battlefield 2042, in which soldiers jump from a helicopter into an explosion-riddled war zone.

Wicked Battlefield 2042 gamers want to blow up the whole subreddit.
Image: EA / DICE

So listen, nobody likes a broken video game. It is not fun to play, and this leads to all sorts of headaches for both developers and players. But worse than a broken video game, the demanding Angry Gamers ™ miraculously fix the shit immediately. The latest game to suffer from both such problems and players like this is DICE. Battlefield 2042which has had a rough time since its launch on November 19. The toxicity that some players inflict on developers has become so egregious that subreddit games is under threat of closure.

It all started when EA’s global director of integrated communications for shooters and star Wars, Andy McNamara, expressed frustration with the ongoing community demands for tweet since deletion… A little Battlefield 2042 fans wanted DICE to immediately resolve many of the game’s issues, despite the studio taking time off to enjoy the holidays as you’d expect. Expectations led McNamara to tweet to the community that “people should rest,” and while DICE loves its fans, “those expectations are cruel.” Follow memes and taunts on Reddit and Twitter.

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One popular post on Battlefield 2042 The subreddit used footage from a 2009 sci-fi action movie directed by Andy Fickman. Race to Witch Mountain… Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson talks to Anna-Sophia Robb in the car, with The Rock (representing Battlefield 2042 players) saying that he wants “old Battlefield scoreboards, server browser content and great maps. ” Robb, apparently playing the role of EA and DICE, counters that these are “hard expectations.”

There are many similar posts all over the subreddit, essentially punishing McNamara, EA and DICE for the community’s “dire expectations”. Another, an obvious repost, contains a list of “missing, removed and / or downgraded” features that people want to see Battlefield 2042

All this mockery and toxicity angered the moderators. That main subreddit message swings like a club to the community, and mods say they will “do whatever it takes” to reduce shit and vitriol. This includes either thread locking for most posts, or as well as Halo Infinitebefore, closing the entire subreddit “for a while.” Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way, mods also add that they’ll leave the subreddit alone “if the toxicity goes down.” In other words, fate Battlefield 2042 subreddit is in the hands of the community.

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“It’s an understatement when we say this subreddit has become incredibly toxic,” wrote the mods. “It’s almost impossible to have a simple conversation without insults pouring down on each other – and it really starts to harm everything. Battlefield community, and each of us who are part of it. […] Mods are required to follow the rules set by Reddit, and if it is found that we are violating them or not abiding by them, we risk completely banning the community. “

I understand. Battlefield 2042 was broken months. There is no collision in some buildingsSnipers explode tanks faster than missiles… Hell, even hovercraft were destroying helicopters… The game is a mess. It is understandable that the players are disappointed with the state of the game, which they had high hopes for. But this approach, such as taunting developers and demanding immediate large-scale changes while they try to take a break and spend time with their families, isn’t exactly cool, realistic, or appropriate. Hope everything cools down on Battlefield subreddit as the subset of players causing all of these problems take it easy and trust that the game developers will do their best to make the game more playable over time.

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